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Beechcroft St Paul’s CE Primary School

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Who's Who

Faye Rider: Headteacher (Interim)


Mrs Kate Falconer: Assistant Head and SENDCO

Miss Caroline Hawker: Assistant Head


Mrs Becky Greet: Teacher – Reception Class

Mrs Gail Gardiner:Teacher – Year 1

Mrs Natasha Flux: Teacher – Year 2

Ms Rachel Hatto: Teacher – Year 3

Mrs Netty Rowley: Teacher – Year 4

Mr Alex Fuhrmann:Teacher – Year 5

Mrs Michelle Mee:Teacher – Year 6


Mrs Ruth Wakefield: Teacher – Music Curriculum

Mrs Cathy Romano: Teacher – French/Art Curriculum

Mrs Kerry Doyle: Teacher - PE Curriculum 


Mrs Zuzanna Gondova: SEN Support TA

Mrs Natalie Pitney: SEN Support TA

Ms. Abilgail Portsmouth: SEN Support TA


Mrs Liz Canham TA – Reception Class

Mrs Deborah Walton TA – Year 1

Mrs Danielle Loibl TA - Year 2

Mrs Alison SeamanTA - Year 3

Mrs Lucy Short TA – Year 4

Mrs Gillian Watkin TA – Year 5

Mrs Deanne O’Beirne TA – Year 6


Mrs Becky Day  - Eden Supervisor

Mrs Christine Hawkes - Senior Eden Assistant

Mrs Claire Hill  - Eden Assistant/ Play Assistant

Mrs Claire Evans-  Eden Assistant


Mr Hugo Jameson - Catering Manager

Mrs Patti Aston - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/ Play Assistant

Mrs Julia Cheesmur - Assistant Cook

Mrs Sue Randall  - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Gerry Stevens  - Lunchtime Supervisor/ Play Assistant

Mrs Sarah Murphy -Lunchtime Supervisor/ Play Assistant

Mrs Emma Hetherington - Lunchtime Supervisor


Miss Millie Marquis -Janitor and School Cleaner (Internal Cleaning)

Mrs Claire Medley - School Cleaner (Internal Cleaning)

Mrs Sally Johnson  -  School Cleaner (Internal Cleaning)


Mrs Tracey Edwards -School Business Manager

Ms Ellie Hayne-Admissions and administration

Mrs Valerie Palmer-  Clerk to Governors/Admin Assistant

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