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A Message to a Family Member/someone special

This week we are looking at our families. Can you tell us who is in your family?

In my house I have a mummy called Penny, a daddy called Ian, my husband called Sam, and a brother called Tom. I have lots of other family but they live in different houses. My grandma is in my family but lives in a different house and my cousin George is in my family but also lives in a different house. 


Is there someone in your family that lives in a different house who you have not seen for a while and miss them? Can you write them a letter or draw them a note? What will you say to them? What things do we need to put in the letter? Can our grown ups explain what needs to go on the envelope? 


Where will we post the letter? How does the letter get from the post box to the persons house?


Lots to think about, we cannot wait to see your drawing and notes you choose to send on Tapestry.