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Animal Babies

LO: To identify how animals have babies

LO: To describe how animals change as they grow


  1. There is a lot of information in the powerpoint, so you can split this lesson up over two afternoons.
  2. The 'How animals grow' activity happens in the middle of the powerpoint. Use the word mat to help you with key spelling and scientific vocabulary.
  3. At the end of the powerpoint, draw the life cycle of an animal of your choice in your exercise book. Labelling the diagram as best you can.


There are extra activities:

  • classifying and sorting animals that grow in an egg or inside their mother and born - you'll need scissors and glue and only one half of page 2.
  • a word search to help you learn the scientific vocabulary we will be using.
  • a colouring sheet of the life cycle of animals.


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