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Can you make a fire engine?

A Fire Fighter is someone who puts out fires and rescues people, they help people and animals in emergencies. The building they work from is called a Fire Station. They use equipment to put out fires called water hoses, fire extinguishers and water pumps. 


They have to wear special clothes called personal protective equipment or bunker gear, which is made of special materials, that protect from the fire and the heat. They also wear special hats called helmets to protect their heads. 


They drive a vehicle called a Fire Engine which carries all their special equipment and has a siren on the top which is really loud and tells everyone they are on their way to help somebody. 


Can you make your own Fire Engine using different shapes? How many different shapes can you use? Do you know the names of the shapes? How many of each shape have you used? 

You could either draw it or cut out different shapes and stick them together or you could even use some junk modelling using boxes and bottles that you have at home?


Please remember to share your excellent work on Tapestry with us.