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Task 1

I would like you to research a country of your choosing. Perhaps it is somewhere you would like to go on holiday, or that you have seen in a film. Use Kiddle (search website) to find information on the country.



Capital City - e.g. London is the U.K.'s

Population - how many people live in the country

Currency - what do they call their money? Our is Great British Pound, USA have the American Dollar


Surrounding Countries - what other countries are around it

Someone famous from the country - challenge: what are they famous for?

A famous Landmark - a human or physical feature e.g. Big Ben in London or the Jurassic Coastline for the U.K.

Other facts - you could include clothing, houses, foods, weather/climate.


Fact sheet available below to help you


Task 2

Once you have collected this information, plan a story set in that country.

Where does the story begin?

Who are your characters? Are your characters from that country or are they tourists?

What problem do they have? e.g. they get lost, something bad happens and they need to rescue someone/something, they meet a local person and go on an adventure and their transport breaks down.

How is the problem solved?

How does the story end?


Task 3

Write your story.


  • expanded noun phrases - describe the setting, describe what the characters are like
  • punctuation - finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, commas in a list, question marks (if you ask a question), exclamation marks
  • Neat handwriting






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