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Freezing and Melting

So this week we thought we would look at freezing and what happens when they melt to. 

So firstly, i would like you to collect some objects (flowers, piece of lego, grass) and place them in a plastic container; put some water in the container too and place it into the freezer. 

When doing this it is a great opportunity to talk about whether the items will freeze quickly or if it will take time? how long do you think it will take? 


Once frozen, have a look and see if the children can find the objects they put in the water. How long will it take to defrost? Talk about whether the children think it will melt quicker in the sun or shade? why do you think this? 

What happens when it starts to melt? How does it feel? Can you find some tools to help you get the objects back out? is it easy or hard to break ice?