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What are we learning today:  Identifying and Naming Parts of The Body 


This week we are starting to think all about our bodies, we are going to begin with naming our body parts. 

Below is the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; please listen and join in with the actions, can you keep up when the music gets faster?


  • Have a think: Can the children point to their heart? Explain to your child that our hearts beat slowly when we are relaxed, and they get quicker when we do exercise. 


  • Lets play musical statues - encourage children to move to the music (dancing/running/jumping), when the music stops, adults give the children an instruction for example put your finger on your nose, put your hands on your elbows. Can they identify more tricky ones for example eyebrows, thigh..... 


  • Question: After completing the game ask your children are you feeling warmer? Has your breathing changed? What is your heart doing? 


  • Task: Draw around your child or encourage them to draw around a sibling or an adult on a piece of paper. Please can they add all the features on to the body (eyes/ears/hair etc) Can they identify and name other body parts on the drawing - including shoulders, knees, elbows. 


  • I have also included a game of Body Parts Bingo, either print and play this or you can draw your own bingo board to play; the children can then choose which body parts are included in the game.  






Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Speeding Up) | Nursery Rhyme | Super Simple Songs