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Making Masks (keeping ourselves safe)

This week, some of you will be coming back to school this week and some of you will be staying at home. But it’s important that no matter where you are, you are keeping safe. In school, you might notice there are lots of new things that look different and new rules that you have to follow to stay safe and at home there might be things you have to do to help keep everyone safe.


There may be times at school or outside when you see people wearing masks and this might look a little scary, but it’s what people do to keep safe.

Do you think you could make your own mask? For this, you will need some material (this could be an old tshirt that’s patterned or a white one that you can colour in yourself), string and either tape, stapler or needle and thread (Due to the nature of this being a learning task, its okay to use tape even if it doesn’t hold permanently).

You need to consider how big the mask needs to be, having an adult measure your face will help. Then you will need to carefully cut it out, making sure you are being safe with scissors. Then you will need to think about where you will attach the string so you can tie the mask around your face.


Why have you made this mask?

Why will it keep you safe?


We can’t wait to see what wonderful masks you make!