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LI: Make predictions about the theme and content of a narrative.


1) I can understand the meaning of the word 'belonging.'

2) I can identify familiar sounds.

3) I can make connections to narratives I already know.

4) I can predict what might be happening.


Task 1:

HELP year 5, this 'thing' has just entered the classroom and it looks lost. What adjectives could you use to describe it? Can you think of any noun phrases?



Task 2:

Think about:

1) Have you ever been lost? Have you ever found something that was lost? What did you do? 


2) What do we mean by the word, 'belonging?' (Maybe you could use the online dictionary to check)

There are two ways of looking at it, belongings and a sense of belonging.


3) How important is a sense of belonging? Write a sentence or two to explain.


4) Which are your most valued belongings? Are your belongings more important than a sense of belongings? Write a sentence to explain.


Task 3:

1) LISTEN-TRY NOT TO WATCH-the start of the film link below (up until 0:35 seconds)


2) What could you hear? Did it evoke any thoughts, feelings or emotions? Did you recognise any particular sounds? Organise it in a grid like mine.

Verbs Nouns
ringing a voice
stomping a sense of isolation
creaking wind


Task 4:

Use your charts to make a prediction about what is happening. Write in full sentences using the verbs and nouns.

For example,

I can hear the ringing of a bell. I could then hear the creaking of a door, like someone entering a shop.


If you would like, watch the first part of the film this time-were your predictions correct?