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LI- To identify rhetorical questions


Success Criteria:

1.) I can spot which questions might be rhetorical

2.) I can turn a statement into a rhetorical question

3.) I can write my own rhetorical questions

Part 1 English

Activity 1

For this activity, I would like you to identify rhetorical questions. Draw two headings in your book: Rhetorical questions and Non-rhetorical questions. Cut and stick or write the questions under the correct heading. When you have finished, use the answers to check your learning.

Part 2 English

Activity 2

Read slides 1 and 2 on the below link. Can you turn the statements on slides 3 and 4 into rhetorical questions? Use the slides to check your answers.

Part 3 English

Activity 3

Write your own rhetorical questions to persuade someone to own a black dog. 

Purpose- To persuade

Audience- Someone who wants a black dog

When writing, use the rhetorical question starters below to help you to write six of your own. 


Read these to an adult at home and see if you can persuade them! Use activity 1 and 2 to check they are rhetorical.

Stem Sentence


A rhetorical question is a question that does not require an answer.


Rhetorical Question Starters


"Do you really...?"

"Why not...?"

"Are you...?"

"Who can deny...?"

"Who doesn't...?"


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