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LI: To use a variety of techniques to engage the reader. [Ongoing this week]

SC: [checklist-on track for a year 5 writer]

1) I can consistently use, neat, joined handwriting style.

2) I can write sentences that make sense.

3) I can use a range and accurate punctuation, including speech.

4) I can use the subjunctive form.

5) I can use subordinate clauses, including relative clauses and fronted adverbials.

6) I can use modal verbs for possibility.

7) I can use expanded noun phrases.

8) I can use emotional adjectives.

9) I can use questions, commands and statements.

10) I can time adverbials across paragraphs.  


Outcome: Write your own opening to your new story.


Task  1:

Watch my video on modelling the opening section of the The Lost Thing.

Year 5 Writing 1st March