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Monday 1st March

Maths – to name 3D shapes.


  1. Watch the Whiterose Hub maths video input. You may wish to pause at some points to discuss the content with your child.
  2. Today’s session looks at 3D shapes and being able to build with them. Children often finding naming 3D shapes tricky at this age so don't be surprised if they can't name some of them to begin with.
  3. Now you can you have a go at setting up a ramp. What shapes roll down the ramp? Does a sphere (i.e. a ball) roll down the ramp? Can you roll a cylinder (i.e. a can of beans) down the ramp? Does a cuboid roll down? etc. As you roll the shapes down the ramp remember to name the shapes to help you remember the name of each shape.



Building 9 & 10 - Wk 3 - Session 1 - Building with 3-D Shapes