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Outdoor Games with friends

This week in PSED, we are thinking all about sports. 


There are so many outside games you can play as a group, but here is some of our favourites. 


- You and a friend use a ball to play throwing and catching. But after each catch, both of you take a step back. See how far you can go before one of you drops the ball. 


- Sack race. Why don't a couple of you (no more than 6), get some old pillowcases (sleeping bags for some adults) and have a sack race. 


- Hopping race. Up to 6 of you can see how far you can hop. The furthest one wins the race. 


- Hop scotch - an old time classic game, which we still play. All you need is chalk and a stone. If you are not sure how to play please use the link below which will help :) 


Remember it is good to take turns and also to congratulate the winner. 

If you lost, how do you feel? What could you do, to turn those sad feelings into happy ones? 


What would you do next time?


Enjoy and have fun!! We would love to see your photos or videos of you all having fun :)