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This week we are learning about holidays. There's lots of different holidays you can go on and sometimes we go on holiday to a different country. If you go to a different country, you will need a Passport to travel. 


A Passport is an important document that tells people who you are and where you come from and the people working at the airport or on the boats will ask to see it. 


Do you think you could create your own passport? You will need to draw a picture of yourself in the box. You have to be very careful as it needs to look just like you, have a think about the colour of your hair and your eyes before drawing them. 

Then you need to write all the information about yourself; an adult can help with this part and can ask you what you would like written in each section. 


After the activity, grown ups please ask your child the following questions to get them thinking and learning more about the use of passports. 


- Where would you use a passport?

- Where would you like to go with your passport?

- What information is on your passport?


We would love to see the pictures of the Passports you create, and where you would like to go on holiday!!

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