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People Who Help Us - Paramedics

Someone important who looks after us is a Paramedic. A paramedic is the person who drives the ambulances and go to people who need help. The paramedic can either help the patient who is hurt or give the patient some medicine or if they are badly hurt, they will take them to the hospital

Can you be a paramedic? Why don't you design your own paramedic NHS badge and pretend you are helping someone? You could use someone in your family to play it with you, or you could pretend that one of your teddy's is hurt? Perhaps you could get some dolls and pretend one of them is a paramedic and others need help. 

Do you have any cars that you can pretend is an ambulance? 

Who are you helping?

What's wrong with them?

What important questions do you think you need to ask them? (Can you hear me? Whats your name? Where does it hurt? Can you move?) 

Can you help them or do you need to take them in the ambulance? 

What noise does the ambulance make?


Key words: paramedic, ambulance, stretcher, medicine, patient, NHS 


** If you have a printer and can get onto twinkl, there are a variety of paramedic resources on there to aid your child's play or you can make your own together.