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Photo Gallery - Team Year 4

Picture 1 !!!!
Picture 2 A bit of leisurely reading!
Picture 3 Happy Birthday Jacob!
Picture 4 Happy Lockdown Birthday!
Picture 5 Archery skills
Picture 6 Picnic time
Picture 7 Safi's poster for her Dad's work
Picture 8 Keeping up with her Romanian
Picture 9 All the girls, chatting as usual!
Picture 10 Safi's new blue hair
Picture 11 Cycling safely
Picture 12 Video chat for Tilly's Birthday
Picture 13 Elijah is keeping fit
Picture 14 Outdoor games
Picture 15 Happy VE Day!
Picture 16 Girls at the beach
Picture 17 Elle's marathon for Dorset Mind
Picture 18 Elijah upside down!
Picture 19 Rollerblading in the garden
Picture 20 Safi reading to her little sister
Picture 21 Lily's also been planting
Picture 22 Heidi's piñata
Picture 23 Pictures for the NHS
Picture 24 Heidi made a dress from a pattern, well done!
Picture 25 Happy Birthday Jagoda!
Picture 26 Breakfast in the Sun
Picture 27 Codei building his tent in the garden
Picture 28 Outside in the Sun
Picture 29 Keeping up with dance lessons
Picture 30 Bubble fun in the garden
Picture 31 Yummy Rocky Road
Picture 32 Bubbles
Picture 33 Madi's music lessons from home
Picture 34 Happy Easter!
Picture 35 Girls together
Picture 36 Jacob helping in the garden
Picture 37 Briana baking
Picture 38 Baking cookies
Picture 39 Madi's Team Yr4 Poster
Picture 40 Cooking a healthy meal
Picture 41 Looking after dolls
Picture 42 Garden marble fun
Picture 43 Out and about in the fresh air
Picture 44 Ruby playing football on the trampoline
Picture 45 Cheering the NHS
Picture 46 Fun crafts
Picture 47 Harley's homemade putty
Picture 48 Zoe loves Lego
Picture 49 Safi say's hi!