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Poem of the week

Week commencing 29th June
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Key questions:

* What do you think it meant by the phrase 'ulterior motives?'

* Which is your favourite stanza of the poem? Why?

* What do you think the overall message of the poem is?

* How could you apply the lessons of this poem to your life?

Week commencing 22nd June

Mumford and Sons - Hopeless Wanderer (Lyrics)

Questions for Discussion

1) Find and copy a group of words that means 'weighed down by sadness'.

2) Find and copy one word that means 'not very clear or transparent'. 

3) 'When I lose my head, I lose my spine' - what do they mean by head here?

4) 'I will learn to love the skies I'm under' - where are the 'the skies' the singer is 'under'?

5) Find and copy a line from the song that shows the singer 'wants to live for a long time'. 

Week commencing 15th June




Rita Ora - Anywhere (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

Key questions:

1) Find and copy a group of two words that mean 'happens quickly'.

2) What is a synonym for 'vacation'?

3) Find and copy a group of words from the song that describe how the singer wants to be somewhere where she is unknown. 

4) How might 'looking for a connection in a crowd' make you feel? Use evidence to support your answer.

5) 'The singer wants to run away' - Find evidence to support this statement. 

Week commencing 8th June


Extract from Maya Angelou 'Equality'


You declare you see me dimly
through a glass which will not shine,
though I stand before you boldly,
trim in rank and marking time.
You do own to hear me faintly
as a whisper out of range,
while my drums beat out the message
and the rhythms never change.

Equality, and I will be free.
Equality, and I will be free.


Key questions:

(1) "See me dimly" and "hear me faintly" - what do these phrases suggest about how the author feels?

(2) Why do you think the final line is repeated?

(3) What title would ou give this poem? Why?

(4) What do you think the message of the poem is? What is your evidence?

(5) Which is your favourite line? Why?


Week commencing 1st June


by Elaine Goodale


For stately trees in rich array,
For sunlight all the happy day,
For blossoms radiant and rare,
For skies when daylight closes,
For joyous, clear, outpouring song
From birds that all the green wood throng,
For all things young, and bright, and fair,
We praise thee, Month of Roses!

For blue, blue skies of summer calm,
For fragrant odours breathing balm,
For quiet, cooling shades where oft
The weary head reposes,
For brooklets babbling thro' the fields
Where Earth her choicest treasures yields,
For all things tender, sweet and soft,
We love thee, Month of Roses!


Key questions:

(1) What is is the meaning of yields in this poem?

(2) What do words like thro' and thee tell us about this poem?

(3) "The weary head reposes." What does this mean?

(4) What do you think the message of the poem is? What is your evidence?

(5) Which is your favourite line? Why?

The Great Realisation

What do you think the main message is in this amazing poem about the current situation? Which is your favourite line? Why?

Cast Away: Poems For Our Time | A Reading by Naomi Shihab Nye

Which of these poems is your favourite? Why? Justify your thinking.

If by Rudyard Kipling

What do you think Rudyard Kipling is trying to say in this poem? What messages do you take from it?

If by Rudyard Kipling (with words)

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

What do you think this famous classic poem is about?

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll - Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

Another version of this magical poem. What clues can you spot in here?

The Tyger by William Blake

A classic poem this week - what do you think the message of the poem is?

Roald DAHL - Revolting Rhymes - Three Little Pigs

One of our favourite Revolting Rhymes this week - enjoy!

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