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Going on holiday is very exciting and sometimes you might want to send a message to someone to tell them how much fun you are having!! A way to do this is is by sending a postcard. 

A postcard is like a letter, it has a picture on the front that lets the person know where you are and next to your message we write down their name and address so the postman knows who to give it to. 


Have a think of where you would like to go on holiday. Can you draw a picture on the front of the postcard? Remember to colour it in! 


Who are you going to the write the postcard to? Can you write some of the letters in their name, and with the help of a grown up write where they live? 

The last bit is writing the message. What are you going to say to them?

Some ideas are below:

- What can you see?

- What are you doing on holiday?

- Who are you with?

- When are you coming home? 


We would love to see the pictures of your postcard.