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Preparing to be School Ready

As the school year comes to a close some of us will now be thinking all about being ready for the next chapter in our learning journey as we get ready to become a red jumper!


To prepare for this we have put together the top 5 things we could try to do to be school ready; these include the following;


1. Put on my own coat. 

2. Recognise my name when written.

3. Line up sensibly. 

4. Independent toilet skills.

5. Be able to sit and listen for the length of a story. 


Below are some activities to support your child to be able to complete the above. 


- Practice putting on their own coat, there are many different fun ways children can learn to do this independently. Below is a video of a particular favourite way- which is fun as well as practical! 

- Recognising my own name- write all the families names on paper, can your child recognize their own name from a group of names? 

What sound does your name begin with?


- Fine motor activities - there are so many activities we can do to use our fingers and build the strength in them ready for all the wonderful writing we will do in Reception. I have written a couple for you; firstly, putting pegs on a paper plate - children need to push the pegs to open them and put them on the plate. 

A second game is using pippettes and coloured water, can the children use the pippettes to fill the holes in the top of the Duplo as you can see in the picture below? 

- Practice putting on shoes and socks- when in school we will change for PE this can be ok until we have to put our shoes and socks on and this can be a little bit tricky sometimes. By practicing this it makes me super independent and I can be very proud of myself. 


- Practice using scissors - can your child make snips in paper? Can they follow a line? Practice holding the scissors - lots of children use both hands - role model using one hand so that they are able to use the other hand to hold the paper. Again another tricky but very important skill!


- Talk about going into school WITHOUT your grown up; this can be unsettling and sometimes the biggest adaptation for children. By talking all about this it prepares children for this part of the transition. 


We are very proud of all that our green jumpers have achieved and cannot wait to see them continue to flourish as they begin their Beechcroft journey.