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Special people


Week beginning: 6.7.2020

In RE this week we will begin to look at special people. We are going to think about Moses as a role model for Jews and his ten rules (Commandments)



Discuss with your child what 'rules' means. Can they tell you some of the rules they know at school and at home? Which rules do they think are most important? Why?  Show your child the picture of Moses below with the Ten Commandments. Do you know who this is? Explain that it is Moses, a role model for Jews who they believe was given 10 rules from God to show them how to live their lives well.

Share the story of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments using the video below. Questions: What rules do we follow? What would happen if we had no rules? How do rules help us live together?


Jews use the Ten Commandments as their rules for living. Do you think that Jews find it easy to follow the Ten Commandments all of the time? What do you think Jews believe God wants them to do when it is hard to follow His Ten Commandments? Discuss how they believe God wants them to keep trying to keep the rules and promises to help them. Jews believe they are God’s special people so they want to keep God’s rules to show they respect Him.





Moses and the ten commandments

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