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Returning to School or Why can't I go to school?

This week, some of you will be coming back to school this week and some of you will be staying at home. But it’s important that no matter where you are, you are keeping safe. In school, you might notice there are lots of new things that look different and new rules that you have to follow to stay safe and at home there might be things you have to do to help keep everyone safe.


Attached are 3 stories, ‘Returning to School’, ‘Why I can’t go to school’ and ‘Helping in the house’. Parents, please pick which ones apply to you and read them with your child, getting them to fill in the blanks.

Afterwards, here are some questions to ask your child to deepen their understanding of such a strange time.


At school: Why can’t you touch your friends or teachers? Why do you need to wash your hands lots? If you sneeze or cough, what do you think you need to do after?


At home: Why can’t you go to school? What are you doing to keep safe? What can you do at home to help your mummies and daddies?