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Special Men in our Lives

This week we are looking at special men in our lives. Can you tell your grown up what ‘men’ are in your family or ‘men’ that you care about?
A man in my family that I care about is my dad. I love him because he looks after me and gives me big cuddles when I feel sad. I also have a grandad who is very special because he takes me on adventures and we play lots of games together. Another man that I care about it my uncle, because he helps me if I find something hard and tells me funny jokes. Can you tell your grown up what man in your family you love and why do you love them?

Can you decorate a special certificate for them? (A certificate is a special piece of paper that we give to someone who we think is amazing.)

Fill in the blank space with who it is for, e.g. daddy, grandad, uncle, brother, friend.
Then, with help if needed, write their name and then don’t forget to write your name at the bottom so they know who it’s from!
Don’t forget to tell them why you love them when you give them their special certificate! 

The link for the certificate is below; or create your own. We cant wait to see them!

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