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Special Places: Mosque

Last week we looked at a special place for Christians, the church. This week we are looking at a different place. Have a look at the pictures below, does anyone know what these buildings are? What do you notice about them? Who do you think might use these buildings? 
These are different pictures of a building called a Mosque. A Mosque is similar to a church but its where Muslims go to worship and they pray to Allah. Allah means God. Muslims follow a different religion to ours, they follow Islam. There are lots of different religions around the world. 

Once you have watched the video, can you talk to your grown up about the following:


- Why do you think Muslims wash themselves before they pray?

- Why do they take their shoes off?

- What do you notice about the inside of a Mosque? Are there any special things you can see?

- How many times a day do Muslims pray?

- Why do you think there are no ladies in the mosque?

- What else happens in the Mosque apart from praying?