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LI: To empathise with and infer feelings of a character within a story.


1) I can record events from a characters point of view.

2) I can start sentences with emotional adjectives.

3) I can use accurate punctuation.


Outcome: Write a diary entry from the point of view of the boy or the thing of the end of the story.


Task 1: 

Watch 11:11 to 13:42 of the The Lost Thing film.


Choose either the boys point of view or the Thing and record some simple sentences that capture the events, for example, from the boy:

I wiped a tear from my eyes.

I waved him goodbye.

The thing:

I tinkled my bells for one last time.

I scampered towards the other lost things.


Task 2:

Watch the film again from about 13:25 onwards and think about some emotional adjectives to describe how the boy and the lost thing might be feeling, for example, excited, disappointed, afraid, emotional, tentative... Can you put them into sentences such as,

I am feeling excited because I want to play with the other lost things. OR

I am feeling nervous because I don't want him to go, but I know it's the best thing for him.


Task 3:

Watch my video for a model.

Year 5 Writing 25th February