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Thursday 25th February

Maths – to be able to add two amounts together to make 10.


  1. Watch the Whiterose Hub maths video input. You may wish to pause at some points to discuss the content with your child.
  2. To begin todays game place the numerals 1-10 around the room. You will also need to either print or make a tens frame (please see examples below).
  3. Ask your child to turn over one card (tens frame). What number is shown on the ten frame? How many more counters would you need to make 10? How could we find out (count the empty spaces). 

  4. Ask them to now go and find that numeral that they need to make 10 which will be hidden somewhere in the room. The aim of the activity is for your child to begin to recognise number bonds to 10 using visual clues i.e. the tens frame to help them.



Building 9 & 10 - Wk 2 - Session 4 - Making 10

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