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LI: Identify adjectives within a sentence and discuss alternative choices. Identify appropriate synonyms.


1) I can identify the adjectives in a sentence.

2) I can find a rule for where adjectives sit in a sentence.

3) I can think of synonyms for certain words and rank them.


Task 1:

Watch the start of the film version, The Lost Thing (up to 3:45.)


You would have heard this line:

As the hours slouched by it became less and less likely that anyone was coming to take the thing home. Soon, there was no denying the unhappy truth. It was lost.

Can you identify any adjectives? Can you identify any verbs? Can you identify any nouns?


Task 2:

Watch my video. 

Year 5 Writing 2nd February

Task 3:

Identify the noun, the two verbs and two adjectives in the sentence below. What synonyms could you use instead of these adjectives? Can you rank them?


I mean, I couldn't just leave it wandering the streets. Plus I felt kind of sorry for it.


Write the next sentence or two that could come after this one. What nouns, verbs and adjectives will you use? 


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