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LI: Recognise the subjunctive form. [Continuation from yesterday]


1) I know that certain verbs and expressions require a different verb form.

2) I know that a subjunctive verb does not change for I/you/he/they/ etc.

3) I can give advice using the subjunctive structure, "If I were you, I would..."

Task 1:

Remind yourself of subjunctive form. The subjunctive uses the infinitive of the verb, e.g. take rather then takes.


Task 2:

You are going to write a letter back to Pete giving advice. You need to think about how you will open up the letter as you need to explain why you are writing, what advice you will give and how you will end the letter.

Sentence openers you may want to use:

I suggest he...

I recommend he...

It is essential he...

It is crucial he...

It would be best if he...


[Remember all the writing skills and you might like to think about modal verbs and subordinate clauses.] 


Watch my model of the first part of a letter for ideas.

Year 5 Writing 9th Feb

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