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LI: Write persuasively using questions, commands, statements and exclamations.


1) I can identify questions, commands and statements. 

2) I can identify words that begin question sentences.

3) I can punctuate using   !     ?     .


Outcome: Create your own advert, which will become part of your own story next week, for the Department of Odds and Ends.


Task 1:

Watch approximately 7:10-7:58 of The Lost Thing:


Task 2:

Sort the following into questions, commands and statements. Which is which and why?

Task 3:

Watch my video as a model.

Year 5 Writing 23rd February


2 questions

1 command and

1 statement


Possible sentence stems:

Are you finding                           ?

Do you suffer                             ?

Don't                                         !

We've got                                  .


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