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Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 2nd March 

L.O. To summarise key events and predict what will happen next in the story.


Success Criteria: 

  • I can use my best handwriting
  • I can think of what I want to write before I write it so I make fewer mistakes
  • I can summarise key events using bullet points
  • I can make a sensible prediction on what will happen next


First of all I would like you to read to the end of chapter 2 of The Iron Man you can find it on pdf here:  


Then I would like you to think about all the events that have happened in the story so far.  Write the events as bullet points.  Below is the beginnings, of an example, of how you can lay it out and you can see how, although the sentences are short, adjectives, adverbs and interesting vocabulary are very much encouraged!


For example: 

Events so far: 

  • An Iron Man falls from the top of a cliff and his metal body breaks and scatters across the sand.
  • Seagulls inspect different parts of his broken metal body.
  • Slowly, the individual metal pieces find each other and begin to build back the gigantic iron figure

Finally, I would like you to predict what is going to happen next in the story! What is going to happen to The Iron Man?  To Hogarth? To the farmers and the town?   Write at least a paragraph (3-5 sentences) 

Included in your prediction, possibly near the end, needs to be the phrase 'Therefore, I think that...'  


I'm really looking forward to reading your predictions!