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Picture 1 Well done Nye
Picture 1 Well done Charlie
Picture 1 Well done Emily

Well done to Charlie, Neo and Nye for their hard work

Well done to Charlie, Neo and Nye for their hard work 1
Well done to Charlie, Neo and Nye for their hard work 2
Well done to Charlie, Neo and Nye for their hard work 3

Looks like Corey has been cooking-yummy!

Looks like Corey has been cooking-yummy! 1
Looks like Corey has been cooking-yummy! 2
Looks like Corey has been cooking-yummy! 3

Well done Brooke

Well done Brooke 1

Well done Warrick

Well done Warrick 1

Well done Poppy

Well done Poppy 1

Well done Hettie


Sisters and Rivals

 “Grace are you going to come with me to the shops?” Mum asked.

” No thanks, I think I will stay home and finish my book I’m almost done”, Grace replied. “Are you still working on that book? You have spent so much time in your bedroom. Why don’t you come outside?”. “This is really important to me the prize is £250, that’s enough sweets to last me a life time,” Grace said. “You’re not like your sister at all”, the mother said, shaking her head.


Ellie was very precise; her room was perfect and pretty. Her books were exactly at a 90◦ angle to her bookshelf, her chair was exactly 3cm away from the table (unless she sat on it of course, she was not that slim). Ellie’s little sister Grace, on the other hand was not neat and tidy, in fact she was pretty much the exact opposite. She was very clumsy; however, she was also very smart; she loved reading and writing. She was even writing her own book! It was the only thing she had ever looked after that much. If your saw Grace’s bedroom, you would definitely agree with me. Their Mother worked very hard as a nurse and Ellie often had to look after Grace.

Ellie came out of the shower, after being in there for her usual 22mins. She dried herself off with her favourite towel, put her clothes on and went off into her bedroom to dry her hair. She immediately sat down on her bed and plugged her hair dryer in. It was only then she realised that things were not quite as they seemed. The books that once sat on her bookshelf were lying on the floor, the chair that was usually 3cm away from the desk was now all the way on the other side of the room.” GRACE!” Ellie yelled storming into Grace’s bedroom.” How dare you come, no, barge into my room and mess with my mind by messing up my property,”. Grace replied, “What are you talking about Ellie?”.” Yeah that’s it, act like you don’t know. I know you came into my room, messed it up and stole my perfume. You even smell of ‘Stinky Flatulence’. Don’t laugh, it just has an unfortunate name.” Ellie said angrily.” Yeah, I smell of it because the dog brought it in and it was leaking (and also reeking!). “GIRLS, time for dinner,” yelled Mum, saving the day once again.

 “No fighting you two I have had a very hard day, so I would appreciate some peace and quiet.” The girls ran down the stairs pushing one another, racing to get to their mother first. “But Mum, Grace went into my room, messed it up and stole my perfume while I was in the shower.” Ellie protested. “You mean the one with the weird name? Grace would never do that, would you sweety?”.

 Ellie stormed back upstairs. As she got to the landing, she saw that Grace’s bedroom door was open. She walked slowly up to the door and tiptoed gently into Grace’s room, where the first thing she saw was her beloved notebook.  Without hesitation, she reached forward, grasped the notebook, ran into her ruined room and shoved it into her bag. She walked back downstairs. That night, Ellie slept soundly, knowing that her and Grace were even.


After school the next day Ellie came through the front door, she was alone. She walked up the stairs and opened the door to her room, it was trashed! All her books wet and soggy, her computer ruined, her chair broken, her life… ruined. She grabbed her bag with the book in it, ran down stairs, pulled the door open and hurried down to the harbour. In a rage she ripped the notebook up into confetti and sprinkled it away into the deep, dark ocean. All Grace cared about, gone, the only thing she loved more than her favourite things gone, forever and ever.


Ellie came home to find Grace on her own looking frantically for her beloved book. Ellie smiled smugly; she knew her sister wouldn’t find it. Ellie went into the kitchen to start dinner. Their mother opened the door and Grace asked her “do you know were my notebook is?”. “There are more important things than your notebook! Today, a water pipe burst above Ellie’s room and made a terrible mess in there. Poor Ellie, I’ll help her clean it up before dinner,” said Mum.” Me too,” said Grace. Still in the kitchen, Ellie’s heart was racing. Everyone went upstairs to Ellie’s room.” Grace, you know you don’t have to help”, Ellie said guiltily.” No, its fine I like helping,” Grace replied as she picked up Ellie’s bag. A little bit of Grace’s notebook flurried down, Grace picked it up and looked at her sister, a tear rolled down her cheek.

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