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Week 1 Religious Education- Christianity

LI- To ask questions about Holy Week and retell the events

Making Sense of the text


Success Criteria

1.) I can record what I know and what I want to find out

2.) I can order and explain the events in Holy Week

3.) I can create my own timeline

Task 1

Discuss What do you know about what happened to Jesus as Easter?


Create a mind map like the example below. One colour for 'What you already know,'  and another colour for 'What you want to find out- questions'.


Task 2

Lets find out more about Holy Week! Please watch the video on the link below and read the information provided about Holy Week- Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Complete the activity on the link above- Can you put the days of Holy Week in order?


Task 3

Please create your own timeline for the events during Holy Week. You can use the template provided. For each day, I would like you to draw a picture thinking about different symbols you could include to represent what happened that day.


Label the different days in the correct order- Good Friday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday and Palm Sunday (these are not in the correct order). 

Talking Time- Talk to an adult at home to explain what happened on the different days. Use the stem sentences below to support your discussion. I have completed the first one as a model for you.


Stem Sentences


Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. It was when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding a donkey.


Maundy Thursday is ________. On Maundy Thursday Christians remember ___________.


Good Friday is _________. It was when _____________. 


Easter Sunday was when ________________________.


Give as much detail as you can to retell what happened during Holy Week.

Reflection Time


How do you think Jesus' disciples felt on Good Friday? Why?


Stem Sentence


I think Jesus' disciples felt _________________ because ____________________.