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Soaring with Compassion

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Week 3


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Picture 1 L found a slow worm in his garden
Picture 2 Play dough picnic
Picture 3 L’s runner bean and pumpkin seedlings
Picture 4 L’s fractions work
Picture 5 BBC bitesize learning and book reviews
Picture 6 A’s sunflower
Picture 7 Fractions
Picture 8 Baking, floating and sinking investigations
Picture 9
Picture 10 L’s instruction text
Picture 11 L’s safari story
Picture 12 L’s yummy baking
Picture 13 T’s measuring maths
Picture 14 A’s maths
Picture 15 A’s maths
Picture 16 A’s maths
Picture 17 Building Lego islands
Picture 18 Wooo it floated!
Picture 19 Colouring and maths all rolled into one
Picture 20 Learning to ride without stabilisers
Picture 21 M is planting a veggie garden
Picture 22 M made his own salads
Picture 23 M and her siblings have been shed painting
Picture 24 K has been learning about space
Picture 25 Fractions
Picture 26 K’s spelling and handwriting practice
Picture 27 Building structures and shapes
Picture 28 Supporting our key workers and NHS
Picture 29 A's handwriting practice
Picture 30 A's reading questions and answers
Picture 31 M's Brazilian adventure story
Picture 32 M''s bar chart and data collection