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What would you do if you are the Prime Minister?

What is a Prime Minister?


This week we are looking at 'People Who Help us'. There is someone very important who helps us all the time but you might not know about. It is Boris Johnson. 

You might have seen him on TV or heard your mums and dads talk about him. His important job is being the PRIME MINISTER. He will not always be Prime Minister it is a job that different people can have. 


A Prime Minister is in charge of looking after everyone in our country. This person makes rules for us to follow called 'The Law' and we follow these laws to keep us safe. The Prime Minister has a big group of people who work with him called 'The Government'. The government help the Prime Minister make sure everyone does their jobs properly, including police, doctors, firemen and teachers. 


If you were Prime Minister what would you do? What laws would you make? Who would you help?