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Wk beg 01/03/21

LI: Identify the accounts of Jesus' death and start to explain how incarnation and salvation fit within it.


1) I can order key events.

2) I can start to explain how incarnation and salvation fit within in.

3) I can express how Easter means to me. 


Task 1:

Using the pictures and the bible verses below, can you match them and order them with the key events of the last days of Jesus' life. Use these key questions to help you.

What evidence from the text can you find that relates to the art work?

What might come before that one? Why?

What might come after that one? Why?

Task 2:

Can you record any key vocabulary about Jesus' death and resurrection?

What was significant about Jesus' death and resurrection to Christians? / Non-Christians?


You might want to use these stem sentences:

I think that...because...

This picture means....

This related to...because...

There is a link between... and...because...

I know...

Another way you could explain this...


Task 3:

What does Easter mean to you? 


Deeper Thinking:

What might Easter mean to Christians/Non-Christians or any other beliefs?

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