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Wk beg 22/02/21

LI: Express my initial thoughts about what Jesus did to save human beings.


1) I can make links between Easter and some pictures of the cross and tomb.

2) I can share some initial thoughts on what Jesus did to save human beings.

3) I can think about what might puzzle me about this.


Task 1:

Using the pictures below, record some key words that's linked to Easter. Use these questions to help you,

What are these pictures?

What might they mean?

Where have you seen them before?

What might they mean to you?


Maybe you could turn some of them into sentences using some of these stem sentences.

I think that...because...

This picture means...

I thought about it in a different way...

This related to...because...

There is a link between...and...because...


Task 2:

Use our key question and note down some initial ideas/your thoughts:

What did Jesus do to save human beings?


Now think about:

How might this have an impact on people's lives today?



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