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Wk Beg 23/03/20


1) Use the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,8 and 9 and make one addition and one subtraction.


  ? . ???              ? . ???

- ? . ???          + ? . ???

_______        _______

_______        _______


Try to make the smallest possible sum and the smallest possible difference.


2) Try the following,

23.45 + 27.67 =                8.6 – 4.2 =

5.9 + 12.6 =                       26.8 – 0.5 =

35.89 + 3.7 =                    13.8 – 12.4 =

Can you explain a method that you used?


3) Can you write down  five number pairs, that have two decimals places, that add up to 1 (e.g.0.25+0.75=1)


4) Ravi has some 50p coins and some 20p coins in a money box. He has a total of £10.40. How many 50p and 20p coins does he have?



1) Advertise your own town! Persuade your reader to take their next holiday to Weymouth by creating an advert or a leaflet. Have a think about what might make Weymouth special? Where might they stay? What might they do while they are there?

2) Look on Newsround about the current situation on the Coronavirus.

3) Read a newspaper report on the Coronavirus virus and make a note of the features (could be online or paper.) What makes a newspaper report a newspaper report e.g. headline.

4) Write some useful tips on how and when to use capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks for a younger child.



1) Have a look around the house for some solids, liquids and gases. Make a poster showing the items.

2) How do you know they are a solid? liquid? gas?



Draw a piece of art using only wellington boots!

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