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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's class page. Below you will see a suggested remote learning timetable with links to support you with this work. Each link on the grid is in red font. Simply click in the red font and it will take you straight to the resources within our online classroom in the tabs below.

                                                                                                Miss Hatto, Miss Portsmouth and Mrs O'Beirne.

Suggested time Learning activity What to do with your completed work
10 minutes Remote Learning Check-in: Join us every morning to go through the day's learning, say hello and keep connected to your class! Links are sent via our Class Dojo.   
 20 minutes

Reading: Complete your next lesson on reading eggs

Online classroom link 

 20-30 minutes

Key Skills:

TTRockstars or Numbots


Record the pages you've read in your reading log. 
 40 minutes

Writing: Complete the BBC bitesize lesson activities that are shared in the online classroom section of our class page.


Online classroom link



+ Sentences start with capital letters

+ Sentences make sense

+ Best handwriting and of a consistent size

+ Appropriate punctuation at the end of the sentence (full stop / exclamation mark / question mark)

+ Try to extend sentences with a conjunction

+ Use strong and interesting words, avoid simple words such as nice, good, bad, sad etc

+ After the work is completed, pupils must go through and purple pen any corrections or changes

When you have finished, take a photo of all your work and upload it to your Class Dojo portfolio. 
 40 minutes

Maths - Follow the link to the maths activities shared in the maths section of our online classroom.

Online classroom link


When you have finished, take a photo of all your work and upload it to your Class Dojo portfolio. 
  Break - LUNCH  
45 Minutes


Topic - Screen free afternoon

Activity ideas are shared in the other subjects section of our online classroom. 
Online classroom link


Collective Worship

Online link

At the end of each day, take a photo of all of your work and upload it to your Class Dojo portfolio.
15 minutes



Online Storytime link



(what a good one looks like)

Below are some fantastic examples of work and presentation that we should try and make ours look like. Remember we should be trying to present our work to the same high standard that we would at school.

Remembering and Performing Poetry

Still image for this video

HS performance

Still image for this video

EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing. You will be finding a new rhythm for you and your family.
You could watch this video with your child and use it to talk about the days ahead and goals they might have. Praise them for the things they are already doing. How can they become more independent in planning their time?