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Soaring with Compassion

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At Beechcroft we have a progression of skills that develops and spirals across the age ranges. We allow for the children to revisit and embed previous knowledge and skills to ensure depth of understanding and links and connections to be made across the faiths and world viewpoints that are studied.


Our progression of skills are split into the following three areas which aline with our sequence of learning of explore, enquire, text, community and self.


Exploring Beliefs of each religion, worldview studied.

Expression of the beliefs within each religion, worldview studied.

Connections to values, community and self


UNDERSTANDING CHRISTIANITY: At Beechcroft we use the Understanding Christianity resource as a basis for our planning in all of the Christianity units.


The key purpose of the Understanding Christianity materials is to support pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. 


It does this by integrating pupils’ developing understanding of significant theological concepts in Christianity with their own self-understanding and understanding of the world, as part of their wider religious literacy.


The EMMANNEL PROJECT : At Beechcroft we use the Emmanuel Project resource as a basis for our planning in all other world faiths.


IMPLEMENTATION of the RE Curriculum at Beechcroft St Paul’s 

As a school we ensure there is a consistency in our teaching of RE by adopting a sequence of learning which will ensure their is a depth within our teaching which allows the children to explore, enquire and develop their own sense of belonging within a community, linking to our schools vision 'soaring with compassion'.