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Beechcroft St Paul’s

C of E Primary School

Soaring with Compassion

Hope Cross Respect Cross Wisdom

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Who's Who

Mrs Cath Crossley                              Headteacher


Miss Caroline Hawker                        Assistant Headteacher


Mrs Becky Greet                                 Teacher – Reception Class

Mrs Christine Hawkes                        Teacher – Year 1

Miss Jasmine Fancy                           Teacher – Year 2

Mr Alex Fuhrmann                              Teacher -  Year 3

Miss Beth Wills                                    Teacher – Year 4

Mrs Netty Rowley                               Teacher – Year 5

Mrs Kerry Doyle                                  Teacher – Year 5

Mr Jon Griffiths                                   Teacher – Year 6

Miss Beverley Rainbow                      Teacher – PPA Cover


Miss Kendall Stuart-Smith                  SENCO & VIP Leader

Mrs Tracey Hodder                             Family Support & Attendance Officer


Mrs Natalie Pitney                              Learning Assistant – Reception Class

Mrs Kelly Smart                                  Learning Assistant – Year 1

Miss Abbie Portsmouth                      Learning Assistant – Year 2

Ms Karen Bowles                                Learning Assistant – Year 3

Mrs Alison Seaman                            Learning Assistant – Year 3

Mrs Maddison Woodsford                  Learning Assistant – Year 4

Mrs Zuzana Gondova                         Learning Assistant – Year 5

Mr Richard Baker                               Learning Assistant – Year 5

Mrs Claire Smith                                 Learning Assistant – Year 6


Mrs Claire Hill                                     Eden Assistant / Cheeky Monkeys Leader

Mrs Nikki Drummond                          Eden Assistant

Mrs Melanie Holloway                        Eden Assistant 1:1

Miss Kiri Rate                                      Eden Assistant


Mrs Kerry Courtaux                            Agency Learning Assistant

Mr Callum Norman                             Agency Learning Assistant


Mrs Julia Cheesmur                           Cook

Mrs Gerry Moore                                Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Emma Hetherington                     Lunchtime Supervisor/Cheeky Monkeys Play Assistant

Ms Susana Badia                                Lunchtime Supervisor


Miss Millie Marquis                             School Cleaner & Cheeky Monkeys Play Assistant

Mrs Sally Johnston                             School Cleaner (Internal Cleaning)

Mrs Debra Hunter                               School Cleaner (External & Internal)


Miss Eleanor Hayne                           Admin Officer  

Mrs Claire Pearce                               HR Officer

Mrs Joanna Boswell                           Admin Support

Miss Melanie Brind                             Finance Officer

Mrs Jennifer Catlin                              Business Manager



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